Dray Martina

Dray Martina is a Mediterranean style restaurant located in the Alonso Martinez area on  Calle Argensola, 7, 28004, Madrid. I visited Dray Martina with a party of up to 20 people and so you could expect that waiting times for food would be crazy long! And long it was indeed. The menu had a range of […]

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Cheat Day: La H es muda

Another weekend, another cheat day woohoo! The second week of this meat reduction diet was really getting me in my feels- craving chicken nuggets and all sorts. Nothing but my willpower led me on to complete another weekday of veggies only. I must admit, I have been eating fish here and there in the canteen […]

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Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra (black rose in English) is a Mexican restaurant in central Madrid and it is the shit. I have to say by far, Rosa Negra is my favourite place to be. We first became acquainted at my bud’s dinner party and our relationship has flourished ever since. In a space of two months, I’ve eaten […]

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Maricastaña: C/ Corredera, Madrid

Roaming the streets of Madrid with one thing in mind. Food. The only problem is that due to the awkward timings here, at around 5pm the majority of restaurants close and reopen later in the evening. This is not good when you haven’t eaten since breakfast, and your stomach is verbally threatening your life if […]

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Beer & Buns: Appold Street

Beer & Buns is a Japanese Izakaya Bar- which is similar to that of a pub, but has amazing Japanese style food! As you can imagine from the name, Beer & Buns specialize in a range of Japanese beers, as well as soft steamed buns filled with tremendous meats and veggies to set your heart […]

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Original Patty Men: Digbeth

The second year of university is finally over and summer has arrived (plus a bout of hay fever- but I’ll be okay). This review is based on Original Patty Men (OPM)- a cool, niche burger joint in the heart of Digbeth, Birmingham. Last year, I dreamt of a burger that had a doughnut of some […]

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