IMG_1950[1]My name is Rue-Ann and I am currently a second year Psychology student at Aston University. I have always had a passion for trying new dishes as well as having a go at cooking them myself, so after having procrastinated for the past few months,  I have finally plucked up the courage to put RueDoesFood to the test and make it available online for the rest of the world to feast their eyes on!

What will you expect from RueDoesFood did you say? Well, every fortnight I will have a new post up about either my dish recommendations, or recipes that I have made, coupled with reactions from family and friends.  I would say at the moment I am most inspired by Tastemade’s feature on Snapchat as it is has shown me how simple it is to make food that tastes really goooood! Occasionally, there will be a few recipes that I have taken from there, but please do not mistake my inspiration for claiming these recipes as my own