Kentucky Fried Cauliflower

Yes honey, you read it right – Kentucky Fried Cauliflower. Obviously it’s not going to be anywhere near the taste of the batter from KFC but I liked the fact that I could easily swap the word ‘chicken’ for ‘cauliflower’. On this journey to eating less meat I have actually come across some really cool […]

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Dray Martina

Dray Martina is a Mediterranean style restaurant located in the Alonso Martinez area on  Calle Argensola, 7, 28004, Madrid. I visited Dray Martina with a party of up to 20 people and so you could expect that waiting times for food would be crazy long! And long it was indeed. The menu had a range of […]

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Vegetable Fried Rice

The meat reductionist diet so far has been really good! I feel like I’ve really opened my mind up to a range of new dishes that I can make in short amount of time and enjoy even in the absence of meat. As far as my other New Year’s Resolutions though, I must admit I […]

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Cheat Day: La H es muda

Another weekend, another cheat day woohoo! The second week of this meat reduction diet was really getting me in my feels- craving chicken nuggets and all sorts. Nothing but my willpower led me on to complete another weekday of veggies only. I must admit, I have been eating fish here and there in the canteen […]

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Vegan Sweet Potato Chili

So far my week without meat is actually going a lot better than I had first anticipated. I am feeling rejuvenated, more proactive and so much more at one with myself. I didn’t think that the food I am eating would have such an effect, but I also think it is partly attributed to a […]

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