“Say Hello to my Little Friend…”

Just a quick post today! For my birthday, I received such a lovely gift from one of my good friends from high school, that I knew it was destined for me to share it with you! So as you may know, I have been blogging for a year now and I am so chuffed that I have reached this milestone, as it has really taught me a few things about myself.

My advice for anyone out there with passion (which is ALL of you), whether it be sport, music, business etc., is to not pass up an opportunity that you haven’t tried yet. There have been many times in my life where I would shy away from participating in things or not sign up to something because I feel that it won’t be for me. RueDoesFood for example! I had been thinking about blogging on and off 4 months before I had actually created my page. Then one day, I spontaneously made an introduction post…then the rest was history. So, although I am not perfect and may still attempt to run a mile at things that seem daunting, I think that I am beginning to take step  in the right direction. As they say:

Do what you love, and love what you do!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in the deep end! Most of the time you will find yourself staying afloat better than you thought you would. 

Motivational spiel aside, in the voice of Scarface: “Say hello to my little friend…”

RJ 1

OMGAHH A RESTAURANT JOURNAL! I am actually laughing to myself because I know I am the only person that is really excited about this but cooking, eating and rating restaurants is what I love to do! I had no idea these type of journals even existed, but I would just like to thank “Little Teeth” * for this (you know who you are) because it just shows how well you know me and how much you believe in me *cries*

I haven’t used the journal yet, but I have a few ideas of where I want to visit next… so stay tuned! Below are a few pictures of the contents of my Moleskine Restaurant Journal to which I can’t wait to start filling in with my thoughts and criticisms.

RJ 2
Restaurant Wish List
RJ 3
Definitions of different types of eateries 
RJ 4
Sections of the Journal (lined pages at the back)
Restaurant 1
Restaurant Section 1: Address, Opening Times, Menu and Wine List Rating, Cuisine, Dress Code, Best Place to Sit & Notes
RJ 6
Restaurant Section 2: Date and time, ambience, orders and rating
RJ 10
Direct from the Chef Section
RJ 7
Bars, Cafes Etc. Section
RJ 9
Takeaway Section

* My friend and I met in the lunch queue at school (conveniently) and because we couldn’t remember each others names, for a couple of weeks we named each other based on our teeth size (don’t ask me why): I was “Big teeth” and she was “Little teeth”. Ever since then our friendship flourished. May our friendship continue on this voyage just like our love for food! Love you girl ❤ 

Thanks again for reading my post and if you do have any questions about the Restaurant Journal and where you can find your own, feel free to drop a comment below:)

Whose food? Rue’s Food!

Rue-Ann x

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