Nosh & Quaff: Colmore Row, Birmingham

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! For V-Day this year, my good friend and I went to Nosh & Quaff- an American style restaurant. It was an absolute gem of a find and I happened to come across it on a site which listed it as one of the top 50 restaurants to visit in Birmingham! Having lived in Birmingham for an academic year and a half, I still don’t feel like have ventured out much beyond that of the city centre- so Valentine’s day seemed like a good time to broaden my horizons. 

Nosh & Quaff is an independent restaurant situated nearby Snow Hill Station and unfortunately, you can only find the restaurant in Birmingham. For those who are not from Birmingham, I still would recommend the trip- I tell you, it is well worth it. The menu selection for starters, mains, desserts and cocktails were quite limited but the quality of the food as well as the ambience really had me speechless. The decor had that luxury feel with the dimmed lighting and comfortable seats which I really loved. 

The first cocktail we had was just a classic and simple Mojito (£8), but it was actually the best that I have ever tasted in my life. I wanted to cry. It didn’t have too much ice to water the cocktail down, it had enough crushed mint and lime to really give off that refreshing sensation and best of all, it was sweeet- so it didn’t even seem like I was drinking an alcoholic drink! 

The starters we ordered were the sweetcorn fritters with a Sriracha mayo dip and BBQ wings. Most times when I go to restaurants and they state “BBQ” something, I never get my hopes up too much because it never lives up to my expectations. On this particular occasion though, I was absolutely gobsmacked at how beautiful those wings were: succulent, tender and so so juicy! My advice is to go for the wings!


We also had the sweetcorn fritters which were a little bland and on the oily side. I wouldn’t say they were horrible, but they weren’t great enough for me to rave about. I found that the Sriracha mayonnaise turned out great in accompanying the fritters though. Nosh & Quaff had other starters such as: Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites, lobster fritters, rib tips and chicken poppers which sounded good. Prices for the starters ranged from £4.95 to £5.70.

The second round of cocktails we had was called the Pornstar Martini (£10) which consisted of peach and passion-fruit purees, peach liqueur, and vodka.  It came along with a shot of Prosecco and a segment of passion-fruit placed on top! It was very appealing to the eye and even had an edible flower on top! For the main courses we both ordered beef ribs which came with fries and coleslaw for £18. If you have a large appetite,  this will be the choice for you as they are very generous with the portion sizes! The beef was falling off of the bone and it was so delightful to eat. 


Overall, the experience at Nosh & Quaff was truly amazing and is a great place to visit if you want to have a bit of lobster! I couldn’t fault it whatsoever- so it’s a 5* from me!

Thanks again for reading my post and if you do have any questions about my recommendation or there is something you are not sure about feel free to drop a comment below:)

Whose food? Rue’s Food!

Rue-Ann x

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