JRC Global Buffet: Watford High Street

I must admit, I have been to many buffets, and JRC Global Buffet is by far the best of them all! It’s quite obvious from the name, but JRC have a range of different cuisines on offer! From Chinese, Thai and Japanese to American, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Indian! So today I’d like to share my thoughts on the different varieties of food- which sections are the best and highlight other sections that are not so great.

I actually discovered JRC Global Buffet just out of luck walking along Watford High Street! After a long shopping trip my Mum, we got quite hungry and so we went on the hunt for restaurants. When I saw the sign for JRC Global Buffet, I was apprehensive at first simply because I have been to another global buffet called Jimmy’s Restaurant and it was below par… and when I say below par, let’s just say I haven’t returned since. Anyway, my Mum and I decided to take a look inside and there was about two flights of stairs we had to climb until we reached an area which resembled that of a hotel lobby. It was immaculate and just from approaching the front desk, I knew we had made the right choice.

The cost of the buffet is £19.99 per person, half price for children under 150cm and free for children under 90cm. I  always thought the pricing by height was ridiculous but the protocol is still alive and kicking in buffets today. The pricing for the buffet is a bit on the expensive side, but it does include unlimited non-alcoholic drinks such as slushies, a range of juices, soft drinks and jasmine tea too- so you can’t go wrong! 

Once we had paid for our entry, we approached a member of staff who spoke to someone over a  walkie-talkie, making sure that a “table for two” was ready before our arrival to our seats. At this point we couldn’t really smell any food or see much that was going on, but about a minute or so later another staff member approached us and led us to our table. Lo and behold, an abundance of aromas suddenly entered my nostrils and filled me with excitement. I was astounded by the the decor, but also overwhelmed by the amount of different food stations there were. A map was even provided so that we could navigate our way around the establishment!

The best station by far in my opinion was the Thai and Chinese sections:



Within this section, I’d say there’s about 2 different types of rice dishes and 4 noodle dishes and I haven’t tried them all yet and especially not in one sitting because carbs tend to fill you up really quickly and there is too much of a range to binge on rice and noodles. There are also loads of dim sum too for those who like dumplings!

The pictures below were the plates I had when I visited JRC most recently: 

Plate 1: BBQ pork, steamed king prawns, runner beans, sweet and sour chicken, egg-fried rice and prawn spring rolls with sweet chilli dip.
Plate 2: Steamed broccoli and runner beans, duck and pancakes with cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce, another round of king prawns and beef in black bean sauce.

As you can most probably tell, the prawns were very popular on my plate and I recommend you definitely go for those and also the broccoli and green beans were so good. The duck and pancakes were also one of my favourites, although I limited myself to having one on this particular occasion. I wasn’t too fond of the beef in black bean sauce but it could potentially float your boat. 

For my third plate, I went to the Indian section which had loads of different curries such as chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, chick pea curry, fish curry and the list goes on:


Plate 3: Chicken tikka masala, chickpea curry, rice, naan bread, poppadoms and mango chutney.

I must say even though I love Indian food, it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted but I really enjoyed their chickpea curry and naan which is freshly made right in front of you! They also make peshwari naan which has coconut within the layers of the bread. 

JRC has a section where you can choose items such as sirloin steak, shell-on prawns, scallops and squid that they cook right in front of you!  There is also a sushi section and the best of all, the desserts! The profiteroles are really good and the Eton mess is nice if you like a bit of a meringue and berry medley. 


For those that have a sweet tooth, JRC has got a pick ‘n’ mix stand as well as a chocolate fountain. I wanted to take a picture of the fountain but all the kids were hogging it so I gave up 😦

So overall, JRC Global Buffet was really great but the Italian, American and Spanish section was quite limited in terms of range compared to the other sections. I was personally disappointed with the pizza but hey, that could just be me. If you do go to JRC, my advice is to go to all the sections and try for yourself and take a break between plates!

Thanks again for reading my post and if you do have any questions about my recommendation or there is something you are not sure about feel free to drop a comment below:)

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Rue-Ann x

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